The Dead Don’t Rise!

Calabrese fans: the leader of R.O.C.K. has broken out of the comic book world and invaded the third dimension! Catch a glimpse of him in the video below!

This is the first time a character I created for a comic book has transitioned into film.

Pretty effin’ cool!

Zombies vs. Cheerleaders #7! Pre-order that sucka!

I have a story in Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders #7. It was illustrated by David J. Cutler (Northern Guard). He’s good. I’m alright.

You should totally tell your local shop that you want a copy. They’ll order you one.

FACT: stores like making money.

OTHER FACT: stores hate taking chances on stuff with weirdo titles that might not sell. You need to tell them to order it ahead of time, or they’ll just order another thousand copies of Hawk and Dove, or whatever.

Read David’s post over here: