Blackest Terror vs. Chick-Fil-A

Inspired by the hardcore badasses above and all of the stellar folks speaking out against Chick-Fil-A and their casual bigotry, Jason Pedersen (images) and Hannah Nance Partlow (letters) and I made this:

The above stars Blackest Terror (a bigot-fighting super guy whose self-titled comic is available via Comixology) doin’ what he does best: keepin’ his neighborhood free from those who would profit from fear and hate.

He has a cameo in Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ , which shipped the Wednesday before last and is available through Diamond (MAY121207).

Ummm…we made it for another comic book website which occasionally runs guest panels from comic book professionals.  They opted not to run it.  And I understand that–taking a stand against bigotry is polarizing.  It’s controversial.  It might result in not getting future comic book industry gigs, or in crappy emails and message board comments… BUT PEOPLE ARE BEING DENIED RIGHTS, AND EVEN KILLED BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT.

If superheroes have any worth, then this is it.  They can be little avatars we dress up in our personal flags and send off to beat the living shit out of the real-life-bullies who would take away our dignity and put us in the ovens if nobody would call them on it.

Like so:

So, yeah.  Don’t let the bastards grind you down, e’rybody.

And don’t forget that we win this in the end.  We’ve all seen Star Trek– we know that eventually humanity gets its collective shit together and we put aside our differences and invent tricorders.

Colonel Liberty!

So, I wrote a movie.

AND I convinced some of the most talented people in the comic book industry to help me build an alternate history to support it.

Basically, ColonelLiberty is a film about the death of fictional character, and the devestating effect that death has on one of his real-life, flesh-and-blood fans.  It’s a story about obsession, devotion, fiction and how much people rely on all three to get themselves through the day.

Cubed Root Films (Sunny Disposition) is producing it.  Taylor Genovese is directing.

YOU are funding it:

Art by Eric Schock!

Lines by Jason Pedersen, colors by Kate Finnegan!

Art by Matt Goodall

Click here to see the Kickstarter page, citizen: !

PhoCo 2012, day one

I relaunched my entire stupid life.

So, things have been really weird recently.  I’ve made a bunch of changes to my life/the way I function.

Some of them were really great ideas that proved to be conducive to productivity and my general health and all of that–others were giant mistakes that I regret every second of every day.

Growing up on superheroes has made me a big believer in proactivity and martydom–a super dangerous combination.  I tend to be impulsive and make decisions I believe to be in others’ best interests, before actually consulting the concerned party.  Because I am an arrogant turd with a Superman tattoo.

I’ve learned that it’s important to slow shit down and involve other people in drastic life decisions from now on.  It’s too late to repair the damage I’ve done thus far, but it’s something to remember in the future.

I’ve also learned that my life is way more fun when I create work while emotionally disengaged from the result.  I really, really enjoy the process of making stuff.  Like, it’s kind of the only thing I care about in the entire world.  But when I stress out about how it’ll be received/when it’ll come out/who’ll publish it, it ruins the entire process for me.

I’ve learned to just immerse myself in the joy of workin’, to surround myself (physically, not just online) with people who have similar goals and neuroses, and to look at myself as the product I’m constantly working on, rather than the books.

I guess I’m learning to be more self-centered, hopefully in the most positive sense of that word–and also to invest more in the people I’m lucky enough to know.  Even though it’s way riskier than emotionally attaching to a fictional ideal.


Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to in between making drastic, self-sabotaging gestures:


“And this is a Bleeding Cool Exclusive—I’ve literally not told a single soul about this until right now—I’m also writing a 3 issue mini-series spinning off the “Jack Pumpkinhead” character from The Legend of Oz: Wicked West into his own story” – Eric M. Esquivel


I have a story in UNITE AND TAKE OVER II, which is a graphic novel series that converts Smiths songs into sequential art vignettes.  It’s exactly as cool as it sounds.

You probably noticed that the cover is by my friend/frequent collaborator Jason Pedersen (Laws Are For Poor People, Zombies vs. Cheerleaders, that movie thing I keep talking about).

Order a copy here, off my super fancy Amazon Author Page:


And that’s the Phoenix Comicon Exclusive cover by Alfred Trujillo that’s limited to, like, two copies or something ridiculous like that.

You should probably pick one up and then flip it on ebay for a kajillion dollars.

I really, really like how 90’s/hypersexualized it is, in light of the fact that The Smiths’ front man, Morrissey, was notoriously asexual. It’s super funny.  And well-illustrated.


I’ve got a story in Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders #7, drawn by David J. Cutler (Northern Guard).

I’m really, really proud of this one.  It’s on par with Ander’s and my story from #4.

Here’s a preview page:


And here’s Jesse James Comics’ variant cover for The Phoenix Comicon:


Umm…I’m also working on a couple of movies with the guys at Cubed Root Films.  That feels weird to type.

The first one is a short film set in the comic book industry (who’d have thunk it?), and you can be involved if you want/if you know how to draw:


I’m trying to get Blackest Terror written is as “Best Public Official” in my local alternative newspaper’s “Best Of” competition:


Oh, and I did a Bleeding Cool interview with Jesse James Criscione recently:


Please, Rao, pre-order a copy of Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ from your local retailer.  Or from an online vendor.

I need to buy shoes, a bed, and a scooter.  Or possibly the best transformer ever, that turns into all three!


If I haven’t killed myself by then, or antagonized someone else’s brother into doing the job for me, I’ll be at The Phoenix Comicon at the end of this month.  And I’ll have new stuff to sell.  And I’ll be on panels and stuff.  I was invited as a guest, so that’s pretty cool.  You know what that means?  FREE SANDWICHES!


Speaking of conventions: I was also confirmed as a REAL LIFE ADULT PROFESSIONAL COMIC BOOK WRITER GUY by The San Diego Comic Con International folks, which means that I can get in for free now, which means that I’m totally going.

Maybe I’ll see you there?*

*Again: if I don’t totally kill myself.


Oh!  Oh!  Oh!

Akira The Don (a “nerd rapper” from The U.K) named his next record “Unkillable Thunder Christ”, after my book.  And I think I’m going to record an intro for it?  Or something?

Watch this:

Read this:


Alright.  That’s all I’ve got.

Enough about my crazy ass, what are you up to?

Drop me a link in the comments section below, get at me on Twitter, or hit me up on Facebook and share your work/experience/story with me.

We’ve got to stick together, man.  The world is harsh and unforgiving and it tries its damnedest to crucify the people who are doin’ their best to make it a better, stranger place.

Be a Thunder Christ.  Swing that hammer.  Fight back.