Captain Marvel illustration on Jon Morris’ “Cornered”


Hey, Kids! Comics!

I illustrated a li’l Captain Marvel, Hannah Nance Partlow, Artist and Letterer inked & colored it, and Calamity Jon Morris published it on his slick “Cornered” blog. Dig it!

Blackest Terror vs. Chick-Fil-A

Inspired by the hardcore badasses above and all of the stellar folks speaking out against Chick-Fil-A and their casual bigotry, Jason Pedersen (images) and Hannah Nance Partlow (letters) and I made this:

The above stars Blackest Terror (a bigot-fighting super guy whose self-titled comic is available via Comixology) doin’ what he does best: keepin’ his neighborhood free from those who would profit from fear and hate.

He has a cameo in Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ , which shipped the Wednesday before last and is available through Diamond (MAY121207).

Ummm…we made it for another comic book website which occasionally runs guest panels from comic book professionals.  They opted not to run it.  And I understand that–taking a stand against bigotry is polarizing.  It’s controversial.  It might result in not getting future comic book industry gigs, or in crappy emails and message board comments… BUT PEOPLE ARE BEING DENIED RIGHTS, AND EVEN KILLED BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT.

If superheroes have any worth, then this is it.  They can be little avatars we dress up in our personal flags and send off to beat the living shit out of the real-life-bullies who would take away our dignity and put us in the ovens if nobody would call them on it.

Like so:

So, yeah.  Don’t let the bastards grind you down, e’rybody.

And don’t forget that we win this in the end.  We’ve all seen Star Trek– we know that eventually humanity gets its collective shit together and we put aside our differences and invent tricorders.

Life is beautiful.

Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ is scheduled to arrive this Wednesday!

To say that I am excited is to say that the sun is kinda warm. I’m pretty much vibrating with joy.

Blackest Terror, as much as I love it, was written close to four years ago. Thor was written about 1 year ago. It’s a lot closer to where I’m at (both in skill & in personal outlook).

I’m amped as Hell to share it with you fine folks.

Tell your local comic shop that you want a copy.  If they don’t have any on the shelves, have them order you one.  This is the best selling thing I’ve ever done, but it still isn’t selling X-Men numbers, y’know?  Every little bit helps immensely.  Poppa needs a new pair of solid gold shoes.

Speaking of things I’m excited about…

Ander Sarabia (Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ, Blackest Terror) and I contributed a story to the new horror anthology from Fubar Press.

Fubar is notable for being the first Kickstarter-funded project to hit the New York Times Best Seller list. So, that’s cool.

I can’t talk about the theme or anything like that, but the above is an image from it. But I can say…STEAM PUNK CRUSADERS VS. ZOMBIE EARTH ELEMENTALS, Y’ALL.

I know. I know. It’s awesome.

I don’t have a release date for the book proper, but a sneak preview collection is in the works for the Baltimore Comic Con (September 8-9, 2012), containing the editor’s favorite submissions…which somehow includes Ander’s & mine, and one by Chuck Dixon (Batman, Punisher: War Journal, G.I. Joe)!


And, my Vic Boone story was approved by 215 Ink, too! It’s going to be drawn by Alex Diotto!


                                                             ^ Alex Diotto

Vic Boone is a title that I’m a huge, huge fan of. It’s a pulpy joint about an ex-motorcycle-daredevil-turned-private-eye–and if that premise doesn’t make your naughty bits tingle, then I don’t want to be friends with you anymore.

My story takes place in Paris, has motorcycle stunts, a femme fatale modeled after Pam Grier, and an army of Andy Warhol clones.

It’ll blow your whole, entire mind.

Hannah started doin’ daily comic thingies! I appear in them occasionally. Usually consuming Mexican food.  Sometimes as 1/2 of a painting.

Check ’em out here: !

I’ve got a Kickstarter for a film in the works, too. If you’re into that kind of thing, throw some money at it. I’ll love you forever (even more than I do now).

The guys who are doin’ the non-writing part of the flick are damn good. And a bunch of amazing visual artists are involved in creating the alternate reality of the piece.

Here’s a link:

Yeah, dude.

Life is pretty cool, too.

Jason Pederson (Zombies vs. Cheerleaders, Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ), Hannah Nance Partlow (above) and I went to the San Diego Comic Con.  I met Axel Alonso, Sam Humphries, Sana Amanat, Larry Young, Bob Polio, Mike Pellerito, Paul Kaminski, Alex Cox, Dirk Wood, Chris Ryall, Matt Gagnon, John B. Badd, James Kochalka, Steve Niles, Jane Dope, and a whole bunch of other rad comics folk.

Hannah & I stayed with my tiny, itty bitty sister:

And I bought this Ghostface Killah sculpture:

San Diego Comic Con rules.  They give professionals FREE badges, and there’s a rad-ass “pro lounge” upstairs where one can hang out and pour gallons of free coffee and lemonade down one’s throat.

It’s pretty swanky.

Trickster was amazing, too.  Hannah volunteered, and I swung by every night after con to schmooze.  Mostly with Mahfood and Jane Dope.  They’re good people.

The live art stuff, the store, the daytime networking and the music were all rad.  Super fun.

The only bummer about Trickster is that I feel pretty lonely at bars.  I don’t drink, or smoke, or partake in anything more illicit…so that was a bit weird at times–mostly because the folks who do always feel super judged by me, because I’m sober. And they make it known.  And that’s awkward.

I feel like there’s this romanticized artist persona that a lot of people feel they need to conform to in order to be taken seriously as a creator, and it’s just as dumb as thinking that one needs a pair of Nike shoes to be an athlete or Final Draft 8 to be a writer, or whatever.  It’s all bullshit marketing nonsense.

If there are any kids out there reading this: you don’t have to buy anything to be who you want to be.

Do it if you want, but don’t feel like you have to.  I’m not saying that you can’t drink and be an amazing artist–clearly you can.  There are a billion examples of that.  You just don’t have to.  Don’t feel any pressure.

So, yeah.

Everything rules.  Even the things that don’t.

High-Functioning Artistic

I made some new business cards for PhoCo2012.

And I got this pimp-ass, Tony-Stark-esque holder for ’em.

And I put the Iron Man Helmet that fits on my USB flash drive on this salt pepper shaker.

Because I am deliriously tired.

I had the weirdest day ever, and I refuse to tell you about it.

This is Hannah, tolerating me/making stuff across from me.

We are art warrior-prophets and don’t require sleep or your approval.

But we do need gallons and gallons of tea to properly function.

Also: I just received some art from Gabriel Bautista for a pitch we’re um…pitching at PhoCo2012.  To a dude.

And I just had a story approved for the next Fubar anthology.

You probably know Fubar as the first Kickstartered graphic novel to hit the New York Times Best Seller’s list.

I am super God damn amped about getting in.  If the next volume sells as well as the previous volumes I’ll be able to put “Ney York Times Best Selling Author” on my next set of business cards.

PhoCo 2012 exclusives!

Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ and Blackest Terror Ash Cans!

They’re hand-numbered, autographed, and gently sprayed with my Jean Paul Gaultier cologne from Sephora. And enchanted by a local wizard (my friend Hannah, pictured).


They’re $3, or free with the purchase of a “In Blackest Terror” print…

Speaking of!

The “In Blackest Terror” prints were rendered by the f****** crazily talented Eric Schock, formatted & printed by my other crazily talented buddy Hannah Nance Partlow (letterer, designer, wizardess) at her fancy schmancy art school, and hand numbered/autographed by me.

they $20 a pop, and they come with your choice of either a free Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ/Blackest Terror Ashcan, or a free copy of Blackest Terror #1. Your choice.


The “In Blackest Terror” pin-up above is also the featured image on this year’s Press Badges.

PRESS PEOPLE: come get your badge autographed by me! And let me give you free stuff! And interview me for your weirdo publications!

Let’s doooooooooooo this!