Colonel Liberty!

So, I wrote a movie.

AND I convinced some of the most talented people in the comic book industry to help me build an alternate history to support it.

Basically, ColonelLiberty is a film about the death of fictional character, and the devestating effect that death has on one of his real-life, flesh-and-blood fans.  It’s a story about obsession, devotion, fiction and how much people rely on all three to get themselves through the day.

Cubed Root Films (Sunny Disposition) is producing it.  Taylor Genovese is directing.

YOU are funding it:

Art by Eric Schock!

Lines by Jason Pedersen, colors by Kate Finnegan!

Art by Matt Goodall

Click here to see the Kickstarter page, citizen: !

PhoCo 2012 exclusives!

Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ and Blackest Terror Ash Cans!

They’re hand-numbered, autographed, and gently sprayed with my Jean Paul Gaultier cologne from Sephora. And enchanted by a local wizard (my friend Hannah, pictured).


They’re $3, or free with the purchase of a “In Blackest Terror” print…

Speaking of!

The “In Blackest Terror” prints were rendered by the f****** crazily talented Eric Schock, formatted & printed by my other crazily talented buddy Hannah Nance Partlow (letterer, designer, wizardess) at her fancy schmancy art school, and hand numbered/autographed by me.

they $20 a pop, and they come with your choice of either a free Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ/Blackest Terror Ashcan, or a free copy of Blackest Terror #1. Your choice.


The “In Blackest Terror” pin-up above is also the featured image on this year’s Press Badges.

PRESS PEOPLE: come get your badge autographed by me! And let me give you free stuff! And interview me for your weirdo publications!

Let’s doooooooooooo this!

Phoenix Comicon!

I’ve been assigned a bunch of panels for Phoenix Comicon:

Friday: “Comic Book World of Social Networking”

Saturday: “The Pages: According to Writers”

Sunday: “Spiritual Comics”

I can’t tell you guys how honored I am to be asked to speak on panels with Brian Augustyn, Richard Starkings, Michael Stackpole, Billy Tucci, and so many other comics luminaries.

I’m not gonna lie–I’m a little nervous.  A little super nervous.

Speaking of Phoenix Comicon, did you folks hear that Eric Schock’s Blackest Terror badge won the art contest? How great is that?  It’s going to be featured on all of the press badges!



This is all of the stuff that I’m currently working on:

This, in no particular order at all, is what I’m currently working on, and who I’m working on it with.

The asterixed projects are the one I haven’t finished yet.

-Ernie Najera: Statuesque (a series of four 8 page mini’s, in the Zuda tradition)

-Ander Sarabia: Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ (22 page comic), bi-weekly Blackest Terror web strip*, Super American (22 page comic), Moon Girl (22 page comic), In The Company of Immortals (22 page comic)*

-John Derrick West (“Dadicus”): Upgrade* 10 (page digital comic/pitch)

-Eric Schock: Half a Person short (8 pager) for Unite And Take Over II

-Taylor Garrity: Relaunch (series of four 8 page shorts) for Evil Robo Presents

– John Dallaire: The World Deserves Better (32 page comic), Them What Have No Souls (5 page pitch + series bible)

– Big Dog Ink: Electric Youth (20 page comic), 3 issue secret gig (20 pages each)*

-Moonstone: Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders #6 (short 6 pager), Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders Presents #1 (20 pages), other secret gig (of unspecified length)*

-Gabriel Bautista: secret pitch thing (1 pager + series bible)

-Jason Pedersen: Laws Are For Poor People (5 page pitch + series bible)

-Jack Cusumano: Krakathoom comic/cartoon pitch (16 pages), Big Deal comic/cartoon pitch (16 pages + series bible), Party God short* (10 pages), Party God animated short*

-Personal: half-heartedly working on a prose novel called “Alternate Universes” in between projects