“it smells like someone set an orphanage on fire”- Freelancers #2 with commentary


1.)  In the heightened reality of Freelancers people say “protect ya neck” all of the time.

One reviewer took umbrage with Val’s exclamation, and claimed that it took him out of the story.

…The story about two sexy bounty hunters who grew up in a Kung Fu orphanage, and function in a fictional L.A. criminal underground wherein every Linday Lohan and Brittany Murphy is secretly a Boba Fett.

I don’t know what to do with that.

2.) “They can wail on us ’til our bones turn to dust…doesn’t mean they’ve beaten us” are some pretty good words to live by.

That’s essentially my whole take on Freelancers.

3.) My editor changed “it smells like someone set an orphanage on fire” to “smells like napalm and hairspray”.  He was probably right to do so.

4.) The Bruce Lee taunt.  Doesn’t get any better than that. A kung fu staple.

5.) I tried to sneak hokey martial arts “dad captions” into this.  One of them was “Aja’s Iron Fist!”.  Terrible.  Super hacky. Ultra derivative.  I’m glad they cut it.

6.) I think my brother was the first one who told me about “white parties”.  He used to be the night life columnist for The New York Post.  Pretty much the Bizarro me.

7.) “Burgos” is named after Dan Burgos, a contributer to www.ComicBookTherapy.com , and a good friend.

8.) Cass and Kat’s sibling rivalry comes out.  Cass’ argument is pretty weak.  I don’t buy it. You shouldn’t either.

9.)   Super high brow masturbatory meta-humor.  I am the Dan Harmon of comics!

10.) Look at those hues!  Vladimir Popov did a great job with this one.  It’s like Purple Rain meets Drive.

11.) That last panel is missing a word balloon.  It’s supposed to say “Maybe not today, but soon…And by my hand”.

12.) That “ramen and peanut butter” line is something my assistant Cynthia Gerriets says every payday.  When Val speaks I hear Cynthia’s voice in my head.

13.) I have those shorts.  Wearing ’em right now, in fact.

14.) “Barajas” is named after www.ComicsBeat.com contributor and author of El Loco Henry Barajas. For obvious reasons.

15.) Criscione takes his name from the owner of Jesse James’ Comics, Jesse James Criscione.  He’s totally not actually a mobster.


16.) A cameo by Oates, of Hall and Oates!  Ask your dad.

17.) The “Nabokov” and “Humbert” pedophilia references are for my Russian Literature major bros.

18.) “Go time?” was originally “Is this the Drive soundtrack?”.

19.) Yep.  Those Waynes.

20.) “Defrocked Shaolin monks” sounds like a Wu Tang Clan record, doesn’t it?

21.)  Look at how good that second panel is.  That’s some G.I. Joe stuff right there.  Joshua Covey is my hero.


Who I am, and why you should care DECEMBER 2012.

Hi, e’rybody! My name is Eric M. Esquivel, and I’m an author. I write comics, prose, screen plays, critical analyses and little bits of journalism.

My work has inspired a record by UK Hip Hop artist Akira The Don:

…And a music video by “The World’s Greatest Horror Rock Band”, Calabrese:

We’re also puttin’ out issue #2 of the Calabrese Comic this year!

My most recent release is Electric Youth, from BDI.

It’s about the world’s fastest teenager doin’ his damnedest to outrun adulthood, and the responsibilities that come with it.

A couple of very talented dudes said some very nice things about it:

“Eric M. Esquivel writes pop superheroes with a punk rock sense of humor.” – Jamie S. Rich, It Girl

“Fast, breezy super-hero action–with brains, heart and soul enough to make Electric Youth more than just another fleet-footed slacker. This is the perfect comic to take me back to the glory days of my previous favorite speedster. My pal, Eric Esquivel is light years ahead of the pack!” – Brian AugustynThe Flash

Tom Hutchison is handin’ me the reigns to The Legend Of Oz: Wicked West (ongoing) #6-#8.  I get to tell the secret origin of Jack Pumpkinhead, and I couldn’t be happier. He’s basically the Boba Fett of The Wicked West.  It ships March 2013.




I’m writing five issues (at least) of something for Boom! Studios, but I’m not allowed to say what it is…even though if you Google my name + “Boom! Studios” a couple sites have leaked it.

Oh, comics…

I have been a rabid fan of Boom! for years.  Working for them is hands down the most surreal thing that has ever happened to me.


There’s a 4 issue superhero team thing comin’ out through BDI this summer with my name on it, that’ll tie into their epic High Tide crossover event!

That’s all I am legally allowed to say.

*Spoilers: I wrote Lana Del Rey and Aquaman into it.*


Ander Sarabia and I have a story in the upcoming American History Z anthology, the third installment in the New York Times Best Selling Fubar original graphic novel series. A preview copy debuted at The Baltimore Comic Con on September 8th 2012. The real one ships around the world mid-2013.



Alex Diotto and I have a piece in the Vic Boone anthology! That one should drop in the first quarter of 2013. It’s my love letter to Andy Warhol and Arthur Fonzarelli.




I’ve got a short piece in Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders #8.  It’s a spy-fi thing, with pencils by Jason Pedersen, inks by Rich Koslowski (Archie Meets Kiss!), and a title sequence by Hannah Nance Partlow.




I’m responsible for Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ, published by Moonstone Books. It scored a 9.8 review from Multiversity. Here’s a few sample pages, via Bleeding Cool. And here’s a Comic Book Therapy interview. Score a copy here.



I also wrote this one thing called Blackest Terror, that people seem to dig. Here’s a Newsarama interview, and a Ghetto Manga interview I gave, regarding it. Score a physical copy here, or a digital copy here. And here’s a comic strip he appears in. He’ll appear again in the pages of of Ghetto Manga Magazine.


I have a Facebook Page, a Twitter, a tumblr, and a Wikipedia Entry.

Ghetto Manga Stream Team!

samax terror


Samax Amen, the new illustrator of Blackest Terror, runs a kick ass publication called ghettoManga.com.

He’s doin’ a Street Team recruitment drive:

Here’s what you get:






You can choose either $40 (paid annually) or $5 a month (adds up to $60 a year)




Calabrese #2!

Andrew Barr and I are working on Calabrese #2!  Stay tuned for a release date!

And pick up a copy of numero uno over here:  http://www.calabreserock.com/store/COMIC%20BOOK%20CloseupPAGE%20FINAL.html !


A press release I just sent my local media outlets. I’ve decided to live my life as one big, weird performance art piece.


Contact: Eric M. Esquivel
Cell Phone: 520-548-0045
Email: ericMesquivel@gmail.com


Eric M. Esquivel grew up in Tucson, graduated from Rincon, and now writes internationally distributed comic books for a living

Local author Eric M. Esquivel is going to be featured on a “spotlight” panel at the Tucson Comic Con, Saturday, November 3rd, from 6pm-7pm!

Esquivel has been a minor Tucson Celebrity for years:

He landed his first paying writing gig in 2005, while still in high school, working as a “Teen Columnist” for The Tucson Citizen (just like Jimmy Olsen).
One time a reader wrote in and demanded that he be deported (a lot less like Jimmy Olsen).

Since then he has written for Fox News Latino, Bleeding Cool, and The Tucson Weekly.

Eric’s comic book stories deal with themes of social inequality ,the nature of faith… and zombies and robots and stuff.  Titles include: Girl Scouts in Space, Sequentially Tucson, Blackest Terror, Electric Youth, The Legend of Oz: Wicked West, Zombies vs. Cheerleaders, Vic Boone, Unite and Take Over II: Stories Inspired by The Songs of The Smiths and the New York Times Best-Selling Fubar: American History Z.

Popular U.K. rapper “Akira The Don” named his most recent record “Unkillable Thunderchrist”, after Esquivel’s Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ”.

Spookshow Records, home of “The World’s Greatest Horror Rock Band”, Calabrese, hired Eric to write a comic book series based on the band.  Some of the characters he created for that project appear in their new music video, “The Dead Don’t Rise”.

This year will be Eric’s fifth consecutive Tucson Comic Con appearance.

Esquivel’s panel is entitled “Esquiville”, and it’s going to be conducted in the fashion of a town hall meeting for a fictional town entitled–you guessed it–”Esquiville”.

Says Esquivel: “Comic book fans–we know exactly how to create a better world.  We’ve memorized every Superman comic ever printed, we’ve seen every Star Trek movie that’s been committed to film (even that one with the space whales and the mom from Seventh Heaven)–we know exactly where humanity’s goin’ and precisely how to get there!  We just need to unite under a common flag and show everyone else how it’s done.  Luckily, I know some pretty rad graphic designers…”

If you’d like more information about Eric M. Esquivel, his comic con panel “Esquiville” or to schedule an interview, please call Eric M. Esquivel at  (520)-548-0045, or email Eric at ericMesquivel@gmail.com.

Eric can be found Online at the following locations:

Facebook – www.Facebook.com/ericMesquivelFanPage
Twitter – www.twitter.com/ericMesquivel
tumblr – www.emecomics.tumblr.com
Home Page – www.eMeComics.com
Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_M._Esquivel

Esquiville logo by Hannah Nance Partlow




The author & Calabrese


Eric and two fans posing with his book “Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ” at local comic shop Heroes and Villains

A couple of very talented dudes have said some very nice things about my next book…

“Eric M. Esquivel writes pop superheroes with a punk rock sense of humor.” – Jamie S. Rich, It Girl

“Fast, breezy super-hero action–with brains, heart and soul enough to make Electric Youth more than just another fleet-footed slacker. This is the perfect comic to take me back to the glory days of my previous favorite speedster. My pal, Eric Esquivel is light years ahead of the pack!” – Brian AugustynThe Flash

Electric Youth hits shelves 11/28!  Pre-order your copy today (SEP120873), or don’t.

Sega ‘Zine

Aaron Ancheta (Scott Pilgrim Volume Six) and I are working on a submission for Corey Lewis’ Sega ‘Zine.