A couple of very talented dudes have said some very nice things about my next book…

“Eric M. Esquivel writes pop superheroes with a punk rock sense of humor.” – Jamie S. Rich, It Girl

“Fast, breezy super-hero action–with brains, heart and soul enough to make Electric Youth more than just another fleet-footed slacker. This is the perfect comic to take me back to the glory days of my previous favorite speedster. My pal, Eric Esquivel is light years ahead of the pack!” – Brian AugustynThe Flash

Electric Youth hits shelves 11/28!  Pre-order your copy today (SEP120873), or don’t.

PhoCo, Day 4

I wrote a Calabrese comic for Spookshow Records back in the day (pictured).

BEST FIGHT SCENE OF THE LAST TWELVE MONTHS (for The Bleeding Cool Awards 2012)

Maggie Chascarillo and Valerie The Frogmouth – Love and Rockets: New Stories #4
Sinister Six Vs The Avengers in Amazing Spider-Man
Batman Vs The Owls in Batman*
Shang Chi, Sharon Carter and Captain America in Secret Avengers #18
The Remains Of The Twelve Vs The Naked Dynamic Man

Presented by ERIC ESQUIVEL



PhoCo 2012, Day Two

Phoenix Comicon!

I’ve been assigned a bunch of panels for Phoenix Comicon:

Friday: http://phoenixcomicon.com/programming/73 “Comic Book World of Social Networking”

Saturday: http://phoenixcomicon.com/programming/92 “The Pages: According to Writers”

Sunday: http://phoenixcomicon.com/programming/64 “Spiritual Comics”

I can’t tell you guys how honored I am to be asked to speak on panels with Brian Augustyn, Richard Starkings, Michael Stackpole, Billy Tucci, and so many other comics luminaries.

I’m not gonna lie–I’m a little nervous.  A little super nervous.

Speaking of Phoenix Comicon, did you folks hear that Eric Schock’s Blackest Terror badge won the art contest? How great is that?  It’s going to be featured on all of the press badges!