SDCC 2016



I’m signing/selling at Heavy Metal Magazine (booth #1529) on Friday from 3-5pm, and at Papercutz (booth #1720) on Sunday from 11am-12pm, AND 2pm-3pm.

Because the ESQUIVEL™ brand is for the whole family.



COMIC FANS: The legendary The Kubert School has teamed up with Dare2Draw for a brand new superhero anthology featuring Nexus, the coolest original superhero to come out of the 1980’s!

What’s even radder is that this book is part of a mentorship program between between working, professional writers and the superstar artists of tomorrow!

I am proud as HELL to be a part of this thing!  My artist is Idan Knafo Kerbis, a young superstar with napalm for blood and an atom bomb for a drawing hand who moved to The United States from Israel to pursue his dream of drawing superheroes.  He’s ridiculously talented, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a human-shaped stepping stone on his path to total industry domination.

Click here to order a copy:




I am THRILLED to announce that I’m making my Heavy Metal Magazine debut with issue #280, the historic first issue of Grant Morrison‘s reign as Editor-In-Chief.

Accompanying me on this psychedelic journey of self-validation are Scott Godlewski (The Dark and Bloody) on pencils, Ryan Cody (The Phantom) on inks and colors, and Henry Barajas (Top Cow) on letters!

In stores 4/27!  Just $7.99!

(with a crazy-ass hardcover edition on 6/29!)