Hi! My name is Eric Esquivel. I write comics for companies like Archie, Boom, DC, Dynamite, Heavy Metal, IDW, Vertigo, and more. They’re pretty good.

Upcoming Events:

4/2/17. 11:30am – 12:30am. Wondercon Room 213. The IDW Kids Comics Panel! FREE COMICS FOR EVERYONE UNDER 18!

4/5/17. 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm.  Writing Workshop At The Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory.

Up Next:

4/05 – YO-KAI WATCH #1
5/10 – ANIMAL JAM #1

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You guys, I’m SO UNBELIEVABLY STOKED to be writing Animal Jam for Dynamite!
OLD PEOPLE: Animal Jam is a massively multiplayer online virtual world (like World of Warcraft), exclusively for kids– with over 70 million registered players worldwide!
One of the coolest things about Animal Jam is that it’s produced in partnership with The National Geographic Society, so it’s JAM-packed (see what I did there?) with real, actual animal facts and designed to foster a life-long love for the natural world in its young fans.
Our first issue drops 5/10! Pre-order one at your local comic shop today, so we don’t go extinct!

I’ve got an illustration in this official WWE X Lootcrate show!

I’ve got a CM PUNK illustration in the official WWE X Loot Crate art show at Meltdown Comics and Collectibles tomorrow (Monday) at 6pm!

I’m pretty stoked. As a kid, I worshiped that guy. In a field dominated by beer-guzzling meatheads, it was cathartic as Hell to see a guy representing my brand of masculinity (Punk was vegan, straight edge, read comics, and hung out with the guys from Rancid) not just holding his own, but going on to win The World Heavyweight Championship belt (THREE times!).

I couldn’t be more thrilled for the opportunity to pay my respect to the greatest WWE character of all time. I hope you’ll join me on Monday!

RSVP here:



If you’e wondering why my name is on that cover over there, it’s ’cause I’m writing the new YO-KAI WATCH comic for IDW Publishing!

If you’re old and lame and don’t know what Yo-kai Watch is: it’s a Japanese cartoon populated by strange, supernatural creatures who are based on, REAL, ACTUAL JAPANESE MYTHOLOGY.

It’s basically Pokemon meets Supernatural.

Yo-kai watch is SO HUGE in Japan, it actually outperformed Star Wars: The Force Awakens ( ).

Also, Lady Gaga is into it ( ).

I expect a call from her any moment now.