A PERFECT CIRCLE – now on Kickstarter!


I got dumped at the tail end of October last year. It was, as these things often are, horrible.

To cope with my confusion, I did what I always do: wrote a comic about it. Specifically: a comic book about a guy who–after realizing that the last three decades of his life have been essentially a repeat of the same sad story over, and over, and over again– embarks on an epic journey to find a supernatural means with which to obliterate his personality, and start fresh.

It’s essentially an illustrated suicide note.

Ryan Quackenbush painted the thing, and it’s some of the best work of his entire career. It’s a dreamy, haunting little gem unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in Comics.

We tried to get Heavy Metal Magazine to publish it in their special LOVE themed issue. They declined within minutes, citing “Holy shit, this is a bummer”. They were not wrong.

But a “bummer” can be beautiful. A “bummer” can remind us that we’re not alone. A “bummer” can be worth ten dollars, American (including FREE shipping!)– and that’s (hopefully) what this is.

Please consider kicking some cash towards the Kickstarter, so that I can repay Ryan for his work…and for probably saving my life.

Here’s the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/pro…/1321764791/a-perfect-circle

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