Vertigo Quarterly – SFX: Slam



My FIRST EVER Vertigo Comics​ work comes out July 1st (the same day as Nickelodeon​ Magazine #1, coincidentally enough.  Dang, that’s gonna be a rad day!) in the pages of “Vertigo Quarterly – SFX: Slam”.

Nathan Fox (Heavy Metal, Playboy) did the cover, Adam Cadwell (Blood Blokes) took care of the interiors.  Both of those dudes are geniuses.

I am so, so psyched about this.  You guys don’t even know.  Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis, Alan Moore, Gerard Way–all of my favorite authors produced their absolute best work for Vertigo.  It’s an honor unlike any other to put some time in over there…

And for those of you who are more into DC Comics​ proper?  The superhero stuff?  Well…just wait a couple of months…

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