I love all of my children equally…but this Frederator Books project is super close to my heart.

ROBERTO ROBOTO is a creator owned property that Ian McGinty (Bravest Warriors, Hello Kitty, Ugly Dolls), Hannah Nance Partlow (Adventure Time: Candy Capers, Punky Brewster) and I co-created. He’s a cybernetic ten year old who was engineered by the government to be a weapon of mass destruction…but would much rather focus on his dream of growing up to become the world’s best veterinarian.

He’s a vegetarian weapon of mass destruction. He’s a happy-go-lucky kid with a song in his heart and an inexhaustible supply of sci-fi weaponry crammed into his body where his organs and junk should be. He’s our last hope in a future plagued by giant, gross monsters and endless war. He is ROBERTO ROBOTO, and he’s coming to save the whole, entire day!

Watch this video about him, if you wanna:

Roberto is going to appear first in a series of three ebooks, then in his own comic book series, and (if those sell well enough)…possibly a cartoon. That’s our goal with this thing. Frederator are the folks who produce Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, and a bunch of other rad cartoons—and this is kind of a trial run to see if people are into our idea. So do us a solid and spread the word when the books drop!

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