I’m THRILLED to announce that I’m launching a series of Rabbids graphic novels for Papercutz!

Rabbids—for you old people—is a multimedia franchise that consists of a Nickelodeon cartoon, a crazily successful video game series, a McFarlane Toys action figure line, an amusement park attraction in France, AND AN UPCOMING FILM FROM SONY PICTURES.

Papercutz is one of the most successful publishers in the game, who most recently made headlines with the news that their LEGO NINJAGO line has surpassed TWO MILLION in sales. Annnd they publish the Power Ranger comics. So I’d love them even if they were poor.

Click this link if you want to find out more about those little weirdos: http://www.papercutz.com/comics/rabbids/rabbids-authors-artists/

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