“Culling Your Pull List Can Enrich Your Comics Experience”

“After I rejected many more comics, I was left with 8 titles – an all time low for me considering this was two weeks worth of pull-list. The pile my husband brought home consisted of Deadly Class #3 (It’s murderin’ time), Fatale #21 (The end is near!), Sandman Overture #2 (I didn’t even get both cover options this time), Loki Ragnarok and Roll #2 (I Boom!), Wake #7 (Duh), Sex Criminals #5, Ms. Marvel #2 (OMG), and A Voice in the Dark #5 (It’s seriously good and deserves it’s place among the rest of these comics).

I was initially sad with the small pile of comics that husband handed to me when he got home. Tomb Raider #2 was missing because  my LCS dudes forgot to add it to my pile. C’est la vie. Then I started reading the books I had gotten. Each and every one was spectacular. There were no books that I thought “Wow, that was kinda good, but not great” about. There were no books that made me think I wasted $3.99 and 15 minutes of my life. For an hour and a half I was in comics heaven.” – Kate Reylonds

LINK:  http://k8monstrscloset.com/2014/03/27/culling-your-pull-list-can-enrich-your-comics-experience/

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