Hey, e’rybody.  This month has been insane.  I spent the first week of October in Vancouver, workin’ on a TV thing, and the second in New York, for the NY Comic Con.

Here’s what’s up for the rest of the month:

Oct 16th:  The In Crowd 3 hits shelves!  It’s the penultimate chapter in my teen superhero saga, starring Critter’s teen super group “The In Crowd”, and my personal creation “Barnacle”–who’s everything I want Aquaman to be: a vegan, self-righteous, Zen Buddhist protector of the innocent and punisher of the guilty.

Oct 23rd:  Bravest Warriors #13 drops!  It’s a one-shot featuring the super-secret origin of the Bravest Warriors’ weapon animals (kinda)!  I’m thrilled to get the chance to hang around in a world that I’m legitimately a huge, huge fan of, ecstatic that I’m gettin’ to collaborate with the offensively talented Mike Holmes–and honored to contribute something so important to the B.W. mythos (again: kinda).

This is probably the most important book of my career, so do me a solid and pick one up if you get a chance.  I promise it’s good.  Solid B+ all the way.



Oct 24th: BOO! #3 releases on Comixology!  BOO! is an all-ages horror anthology in the same vein as Tales From The Crypt, House of Mystery, and Vault of Horror, it’s published by those Eisner collectin’ fools over at Monkeybrain, and features a rotating cast of young, good looking creators.  I’m paired up with Let’s Be Friends Again‘s Chris Haley–and I couldn’t be any happier about that if I tried.  Dude’s the greatest.

BOO! is digital-only.  Pick it up here:  http://www.comixology.com/BOO-Halloween-Stories/comics-series/12229


Oct 25th-27th: I’m goin’ to Detroit Fanfare Comic Con, courtesy of BOOM! Studios.  I’ll have the complete Freelancers tpb on-hand, and copies of my brand spankin’ new issue of Bravest Warriors #13!


I am so tired, you guys.  So, so tired.

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