Boo! #3


So, this is that thing I’ve been teasing with the “coming in October” posts for the past couple weeks!  Yeah!

BOO! is an all-ages horror anthology a la Tales From The Crypt, House of Mystery, The Vault of Horror, etc.–but staffed by the raddest writers and artists working today (and also me, because apparently I’m one of those Make A Wish Foundation kids), and curated by “Calamity” Jon Morris.

It’s going to be published digitally, on the Comixology app, by the fine folks at Monkeybrain Comics.

One issue will drop every Thursday in October.  Each one is just .99¢ a pop. The story I wrote appears in issue #3, on 10/24 and was drawn by Let’s Be Friends Again’s Chris Haley–WHO I AM A RIDICULOUSLY GIGANTIC FAN OF, AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO.

Snag ’em here:

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