Narcissist’s Log #9

So, I went to Idaho last weekend for Boise’s first ever “Library Comic Con”.

Big thanks  go out to Ulises “Sitting” Farinas (Judge Dredd) and Erick “Freight Train” Freitas (Gamma) for demanding that the Boise brass invite me.

Those guys are such talented sunsabitches I’m honored that they even know my name, let alone  think of me when asked for guest list recommendations.

(Freitas on the left, Farinas on the right. They looks sorta like Ben Grimm & Mr. F)

And props go out to The City of Boise itself for bankrolling their very own non-profit convention.  I hope it starts a trend.

If my hometown had thrown something like this when I was a kid I would’ve lost my mind.  They had vendors, art and costume contests, how-to panels, and TWENTY FIVE creators in attendance (including me, Erick, and Ulises–who they flew out, put up for the night, and gave some generous per diem spending cash to).

(My swanky, Diabolik-esque hotel room at The Modern, paid for by the kindly tax payers of Boise)

The whole thing was a blast.  I had no idea what to expect from Boise…but it sure as Heck wasn’t the ultra-hip, ridiculously welcoming little artists’ colony that we found ourselves in.

(A friendly local welcomes Ulises to the land of potatoes & brotherly lovin’)

Speaking of:  big thanks go our to Chris “Carver” Hunt, our unofficial tour guide:

Yes, I am aware that this is ridiculous looking. We were practicing "angry"<br /> looks...

(He looks like the kind of guy who would murder a buffalo with his bare hands, but he’s actually one of the top five nicest dudes I’ve ever met in comics

   I legitimately thought that Chris was mayor of the town for the first few hours I was in his presence.  Every bar we went to, folks flocked to the dude to pay their respect.

  Guys like that should get a medal for all the good they do for the perception of comic book creators.  Kinda makes me want to burn my Batman shirts and buy some flannel.


I did pretty great at this show, especially considering that majority of the folks who showed up to meet me were there to talk about my Bravest Warriors and Adventure Time stuff…both of which have been announced, but haven’t come out just yet.

It’s cool, though.  Most everyone who came to my panel dug what I had to say about FREELANCERS and THUNDER CHRIST, so I moved enough of those to make the weekend financially justifiable a few times over.

Autograph & crummy sketch!

Unsure if this young lady is cosplaying, or just Idahoan.  Either way: I approve.

Clearly a huge BLACKEST TERROR fan.
“Selfies” are the new autographs, I learned.

Also: I am old.

The traditional garb of my people.

Signed a little dude’s hat!

My sister said on Facebook that this kid reminded her of me when I was that age.  I’m usually not one to argue, but this guy was waaaay cooler than I ever was.

I signed her guitar, which made me feel pretty rock star.

That poor kid has to wear a shirt with my name on it!

Bullies: please be gentle.

This was also the first show wherein I was referred to as being “Los Angeles based”– which felt equal parts completely alien and utterly natural.

  ldaho, thanks for the good time.  Ida-owe you one.

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