Narcissist’s Log #2

Buncha stuff to do today.

I don’t know if anyone else does this, but I like to start my day by rolling out of bed (read: “futon”) and immediately jotting down everything I’d like to get done/regret not having completed yesterday.

I then sort that list into two other lists, “urgent” and “non urgent” (sometimes referred to as “paying” and “non-paying”)

–and then I divide that into two more lists called “actually happening” (what I think I can for-real-get-done) and “never in a million years” (unrealistic nonsense that I’m going to hate myself for attempting later.  Things that usually fall into this category include pitches for licensed properties that I know have zero chance in Hell of being picked up and “exercise”).

It’s at this point that I generally remember that the Internet exists, I turn all of Hannah’s stuffed animals around so that they can’t see my shame, and I spend upwards of an hour searching tumblr for new, saucy, candid shots of Lana Del Rey.

But, THEN–then I get down to business!

Some stuff on today’s list:

– Pack for this weekend’s Latino Comics Expo
(Freelancers and Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders tpbs, In Crowd, Blackest Terror & Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ singles)

– Finish the second draft of this prose thing that’s kickin’ my butt.

– Figure out if the changes an editor wants to make to my all-ages thing are acceptable, or if I should withdraw and go with the other publisher who wants it (but doesn’t pay as well)

– Finish two illustrator-collaborative work-for-hire pitches

– Pitch a wholly creator-owned thing to an editor who I’m already working with but who might be too busy to be the right dude for the job.

-Homework for a TV gig.

And I’m sure some more stuff will pop up throughout the day.  That’s just how this works.

Like I said: busy day.

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