If I owe you an email it’s probably because…

In July I:

– Exhibited at Comic Con International (In San Diego) for the first time in my entire career

– …And Trickster (also in San Diego)

– Released a trade paperback collection of my first miniseries

– Moved to Los Angeles

– wrote the first draft of a novel for Actionopolis

– Interviewed for a TV writing gig

– Had an ongoing series greenlit by Boom (unannounced)

– Had a mini series tentatively approved by Kaboom (we’re in our first round of development right now)

– Wrote an Adventure Time Short Story, to be illustrated by Jon Morris

– Wrote a full issue of Adventure Time, to be illustrated by Mike Holmes

– Successfully pitched a project to Junkadelic Records (Kool Keith’s record label)

– Maybe got some dudes at Zenescope and Top Cow interested in some stuff?

– Pitched LITERALLY two dozen original concepts, which weren’t accepted

– Started working on a super-secret thing with Michael Macropolous


But I can’t, ’cause I’m doin’ this stuff:

AUGUST 8th – Freelancers graphic novel signing at Barnes and Nobles (Santa Monica, CA)

AUGUST 17TH & 18TH – I’ve been invited to attend The Latino Comics Expo

Plus, y’know, I have to write all of that stuff now.  AND I’m finally doin’ a comic with Jeff Pina, so that’s cool.  Expect to hear more about that soon.

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