PhoCo 2013


Shit to know:

– I’ll physically be at the BOOM! Studios booth (#559) all weekend long.  Here’s a press release confirming that: BOOM! Studios announces Phoenix Comicon plans.


See?  Totally not making that up.  Swing on by and pick up some copies of Freelancers.

– I have my own booth, too.  It’s #2222, and it’ll be run by Hannah Nance Partlow, the illustrator/letterer of Smell Ya Later.  That’s where you can snag copies of my non-BOOM! work–stuff like The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #6-#8, the American History Z graphic novel,  Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders, Blackest Terror, Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ, Electric Youth, Girl Scouts in Space, original pages, stickers, buttons, t-shirts, etc.

Feel free to bring anything you pick up here over to BOOM! at #559, and ask me to sign it.  I’m super into that.  No additional charge, obviously.

Shit to buy:

– Big Dog Ink is going to have a limited edition variant cover of The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #8 available at Booth #640/642.  Art by Mike Debalfo and Nei Ruffino.  It’s gorgeous.  Pick one up, swing by BOOM! (#559), and I’ll sign it.


– I’ll have copies of American History Z on-hand at #2222, as well as new Blackest Terror stickers by Danny Martin, and “retailer incentive” variant covers of Freelancers and Zombies vs. Cheerleaders.


Shit to do:

– SATURDAY, 6PM-7PM IN ROOM 132. I’m presenting at the Bleeding Cool Fan Awards (no, not my plumage).  Everyone who shows up gets a a free, limited edition Adventure Time comic for showin’ up.  Vote here:


– SATURDAY, 7:30PM-8:30PM.  ROOM 124A.  Come to the “Esquiville” panel.  It’s moderated by Dan Burgos (from Comic book Therapy), and there’s literally going to be…like…one person there besides you.  Here’s the description: “Eric Esquivel (Boom Studios’ FREELANCERS) drops some science on what it takes to be a full-time comic book author. The answer includes a lot of ramen noodles, certifiable manic depression, and an unhealthy desire for the approval of strangers.


– Go meet C.B. Zane at the BDI Booth (#620/642).  He’s on pencil duty for The In Crowd #1-#4, and he’s rad as all get out.


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