Esquivelians – I’ve got TWO–count ’em–TWO books in today’s Diamond Previews catalog.

TRANSLATION: that means that you can tell your favorite comic shop/book store/Online bookseller that you want a copy, and they’ll guarantee you a copy.  Please do that.  It helps guarantee a larger print run, and it lets my employers know that people are on the hunt for stuff with my name on it…that when they buy my books it isn’t an impulsive thing, it’s because they’re into my idiosyncratic style of storytelling.

Astute readers will notice that I’m also credited with writing The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #9.  That’s not super true.  The amazing Tom Hutchison penned that one.  But I’ll take credit for it, anyway.

(W) Eric M Esquivel (A) Joshua Covey (CA) Felipe Smith
Money Talks!

Val and Cassie are two women trying to make it in L.A…but instead of an elite university or acting studio, they are graduates of a Kung Fu Orphanage who know make their living as Freelancers – solving unsolvable problems for a price. In a city where loyalty only runs as deep as one’s bank account, Val and Cassie take the most dangerous gigs, and learn what sacrifices are necessary to make Hollywood dreams come true. Red-hot newcomers Eric Esquivel and Joshua Covey bring you the smash hit series full of raucous nights, beautiful dreamers, and heartbreak in-between trips to the newest food trucks.

PRICE: $19.99
SHIP DATE: 6/26/2013d

IN CROWD #1 (OF 4)
(W) Eric M Esquivel (A) C. B. Zane (CA) C. B. Zane, Owen Gieni
As Tidepool begins his epic destruction of the United States, a group of young heroes takes the scene by storm – with their cameramen in place to get their good sides on film! The In Crowd mixes the fun of superheroes with the ridiculousness of the reality TV craze. They’ve got great hair, great bodies, and great power. But great responsibility? Not so much!

PRICE: $3.50
SHIP DATE: 6/19/2013

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