“Have you ever gotten fan art from a Pharoah? Put the pencil in a sarcophagus…”


Dig on this Blackest Terror pin-up Pharoah Bolding!

“Eric Esquivel’s The Blackest Terror.

The Blackest Terror is easily one of my favorite concepts of the last five years. Take the classic public domain character The Black Terror and add some urban flair, street sense, and a need to fight bigots and racists and you get one of the more fun vigilantes I’ve seen in comics in recent memory!

My boy Samax Amen (check his work out at [http://samax.deviantart.com/ ) is the artist for the next issue of The Blackest Terror (and from what I’ve seen he’s gonna absolutely kill it!) but I have to admit that I SO wanna draw this character in action!

So this is my audition piece! Eric, if you ever have a Blackest Terror back-up story or pin-up you need drawn drop me a line and I will make time!

Check out Blackest Terror: http://blackestterror.tumblr.com/

Buy Blackest Terror: http://moonstonebooks.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=914

Check out more awesomeness from Eric Esquivel: http://emecomics.tumblr.com/” – Pharoah Bolding

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