I’m writin’ a VIC BOONE story!

The secret’s out!

I’ve signed on to write a story starring 215 Ink’s former-motorcycle-daredevil-turned-Private-Eye character VIC BOONE!

I couldn’t be more thrilled…I live for this pulpy, action/adventure Trash (with a capital “T”).

Rayguns, pompadours, human flies, femme fatales, flying saucers and pin-striped gangsters! It’s basically the greatest universe I’ve ever been loaned the keys to.

You folks are gonna flip for it.

“Former daredevil Vic Boone is a private investigator in a world etched by the science fiction of drive-in movies and early Hollywood. It’s a landscape of robots, ray guns, and regular Joes. But whether his client is a beautiful socialite or a brain that wouldn’t die, Boone is out to get the job done no matter how bizarre” – 215 Ink

“It was an IGN Editor’s Choice, A Best of 2011, and the Stumptown Comicfest’s Reader’s Choice Award” – Shawn Aldridge

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