High-Functioning Artistic

I made some new business cards for PhoCo2012.

And I got this pimp-ass, Tony-Stark-esque holder for ’em.

And I put the Iron Man Helmet that fits on my USB flash drive on this salt pepper shaker.

Because I am deliriously tired.

I had the weirdest day ever, and I refuse to tell you about it.

This is Hannah, tolerating me/making stuff across from me.

We are art warrior-prophets and don’t require sleep or your approval.

But we do need gallons and gallons of tea to properly function.

Also: I just received some art from Gabriel Bautista for a pitch we’re um…pitching at PhoCo2012.  To a dude.

And I just had a story approved for the next Fubar anthology.

You probably know Fubar as the first Kickstartered graphic novel to hit the New York Times Best Seller’s list.

I am super God damn amped about getting in.  If the next volume sells as well as the previous volumes I’ll be able to put “Ney York Times Best Selling Author” on my next set of business cards.

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