Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ is in the Diamond Previews Catalog!


(W) Eric M Esquivel (A/CA) Ander Sarabia

Real Gods don’t get nailed to crosses, they bludgeon their enemies to death with giant hammers. Featuring a guest appearance by Blackest Terror! The second instalment of Esquivel and Sarabia’s thought provoking and hilarious Modern Myths series.

Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ is featured in tomorrow’s Diamond Previews catalog.

That’s a fancy way of saying that stores are able to order it now–which is, y’know, yay!

Bad news: it’s featured in the same catalog as all of the heavily hyped “Before Watchmen” stuff from DC–which means there’s a good chance that a lot of retailers are going to pass my book up in lieu of one of the “Before Watchmen” titles.

…which I don’t fault them for.  The Watchmen stuff has a movie behind it, bankable names, a big marketing push and media buzz.

All we have goin’ for us is the fact that Ander Sarabia is a living God, and our story kicks fourteen different kinds of ass and there are more new-ideas-per-page in our jam than in the entirety of their sad, editorially driven line of prequels.

Seriously?  More prequels?  Have we learned nothing from Star Wars?

But I digress…

Ander & my book is comin’ out!  Yay!  And it’s good!  Yay!

As much as I love The Blackest Terror, it’s pretty talky-talk.  Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ is more like a proper superhero comic.  All of the high-concept stuff is there, but there’s also mystical set pieces and epic battles and heads exploding like wet piñatas full of gore and bone fragments after being whacked with enchanted hammers.

So, here’s the thing: I need your help.

If you want a copy of the book, let your store know.  If you want to make life super easy for your retailer, give them this order code:  MAY121207.

KICKSTARTER CONTRIBUTORS: I can’t thank you folks enough for your support.  Y’all are the reason this is happening.  This is a shared victory.  You’re part of the team.  Go us!

The second I get copies of the book, the very second, I’ll sign them, plant a big sloppy kiss on ’em, and mail them out to each of you.

Again: Holy crap.  Thank you.

We did it!

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