Slovakian babygirls love me.

I woke up this morning to a Google Alert notifying me that the Slovakian pop culture site “Megabite” ran a feature on Blackest Terror!

Here ya go:

Pretty cool stuff.  They mentioned Kevin Smith’s Chasing Amy in the article, and compared B.T. to Hooper X.

Here’s a rough translation, according to Google & Thomas Keith (of T and T podcast fame):

It Slovak. “Who knows the image of Kevin Smith’s Chasing Amy certainly not forget the scene from the comics exhibition hall at the beginning when we saw the most angry of blacks who felt racially deprived of their skin color heroes… Blackest Terrpr is even darker and blacker. Actually it’s the roughest “nigga”, whose path to fighting evil, criminals and racists led the way and is actually quite virtuous. It is to be a hero who can be a lesson a group of college boy dandy in the form of beatings and sentence of the second lesson and warning them not to throw a knife into the eye. Hold each have their own way to spread the truth. Therefore it is quite difficult Blackest Terror identified as a hero in the true sense. It is certainly a nice idea to get rid the world of parasites, which are diseases of society and thus violate hippokratovovu oath, but also explicitly brutal mutilation is not exactly in her line. If someone from black authors, was the clear message, so we are pleasantly puzzled sadistic and we are actually a murder, or for the return to their ancestors in order or not.Hand on heart, not this black whose shirt is strikingly reminiscent of a shirt worn by Punisher, while threshing gang of Ku Klux Klan. Some extra highlight artwork needed is not simply a pleasant and tear from the action. Thank you for this traditional, great job with editing and translation of the scenes and for those who work out of ideas just are not excited, I have a question, and … what you waiting for?”

1 thought on “Slovakian babygirls love me.

  1. Thanks, man. We need to have you on still. I would love to talk comics and the Tucson indie scene with you.

    I can’t wait to pick up Thor… although I think he is a “likable thunder Christ”

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