Nickelodeon Magazine X Sanjay And Craig!

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Wonder why your 90’s-Nostalgia-Sense is tingling?  It’s because Papercutz​ is bringing back Nickelodeon​ Magazine in June of this year!

Bonus cool news:  I’m writing all of the Sanjay and Craig​ comics that are gonna be featured therein!

Bonus bonus cool news: And then we’re gonna collect those comics (along with a bunch of original content) as graphic novels!

Read more about the Papercutz/Nick First Look Deal Here:

B.T. & Thunder Christ X Meltdown Comics




Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ and Blackest Terror are now both available on Meldown Comics’ “Open I.P. Wall” for your purchasing/optioning needs.

More about the Open I.P. Wall:

Meltdown Comics is located at 7522 sunset BL. LA, California 90046.  Give ‘em a ring at (323) 851-7223


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LITERATE STRANGERS: I’ve got two books comin’ out this Wednesday, both bonkers–IMAGINARY DRUGS and WONDERLAND Vol 5!

IMAGINARY DRUGS is my first IDW Publishing book. It’s an anthology, featuring the most talented weirdos working today.

WONDERLAND Vol 5 collects my full contribution to Zenescope Entertainment‘s surreal & creepy fan-favorite. Plus: Artgerm cover!

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