Nickelodeon Magazine X Sanjay And Craig!

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Wonder why your 90’s-Nostalgia-Sense is tingling?  It’s because Papercutz​ is bringing back Nickelodeon​ Magazine in June of this year!

Bonus cool news:  I’m writing all of the Sanjay and Craig​ comics that are gonna be featured therein!

Bonus bonus cool news: And then we’re gonna collect those comics (along with a bunch of original content) as graphic novels!

Read more about the Papercutz/Nick First Look Deal Here:

B.T. & Thunder Christ X Meltdown Comics




Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ and Blackest Terror are now both available on Meldown Comics’ “Open I.P. Wall” for your purchasing/optioning needs.

More about the Open I.P. Wall:

Meltdown Comics is located at 7522 sunset BL. LA, California 90046.  Give ‘em a ring at (323) 851-7223